Interesting encounters at the Q-Mart

This morning started off like many others. Early. I was not thrilled when i was looking at the clock and it read 4:30. I tried to fall back asleep, and it felt like hours when i woke up again…yet…i was disappointed once again when the clock read 5:30. I just decided to get up. I woke up and started my morning pot…shower…fox news…it was spectacular.

After all was said and done, i was actually able to catch-up on my facebook and gmail inbox. i hardly ever check either any more. Which is kind of nice..i used to be addicted! 🙂

I went over to the Q-mart since i was running a little early to work. I was in major need of a diet coke refreshment. I pulled in to the hot mess of that parking lot..and walked inside. i was talking on the phone with my mom as i filled up the largest possible option for a beverage you can choose with Diet DP! So delicious. i was in line..and told my mom she would have to let me go. i despise being on the phone while checking out. I used to be in retail..and i couldn’t stand people on thier cell phones checking out in line. It’s really rude. (Sorry if you do it. But you should see checkout’s as an oppurtunity to bless someone with a kind word and a smile instead of rudely jabbing with whoever on the other end of the line)

So..i step to the counter and suddenly a memory flashes through my brain of a voicemail i received the night before from my cousin saying that i left my wallet on her counter.

Aggh…i was at Q-Mart ready to buy my refreshing beverage and i had no money. I didnt know what to do.

So i just told the man i didn’t have my wallet and i went to hand him back the beverage..and he said “no wallet…its keep it”

I was in shock. It was a total “love your neighor as yourself moment.”

I instantly felt convicted about the way i would have treated that situation. I probably would have said sorry and taken the drink back. Which is horrible.

Who knows if the cute little Indian man at Q-mart is even a believer….and he is following one of Christianity’s basic principals..One that i myself have not followed in all situations.

It really made me think about my own life, and the way that i treat other people.


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