Modest is Hottest.

the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.
regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
simplicity; moderation.
Modesty is something that we greatly lack here in America. We know nothing about moderation….freedom from vanity/boastfulness….nor do we have any regard to decency.
I mostly want to discuss modesty in regards to dress. One of my hearts passions is to teach young people/people in general about modesty. Even older woman stuggle with this. They try to be young/hot and they only look worse.
There are some very important things to remember when getting dressed:
1. Dress age appropriately. If you have 20…dont dress like your 60…and if your 45…please…dont dress like your going to the club and your 18. It is never appropriate in any situation to dress outside of your age range. If your unsure of what you should be wearing..please do your research…dont just pick up the latest issue of Instyle and start dressing yourself…Think about your age/situation.
2. Dress for YOUR BODY SIZE. Please…Ladies…lets stop dressing for a number. We all know that just because it says 12 doesnt mean it is a twelve. I always tell clients…just cut out the tag if you are uncomfortable in a twelve. No one has to know the number but you. And honestly….every designer is different…every store is different…and sometimes every piece is different. Even it is the same shirt in Large..3 different larges can fit differently. Don’t try to squeeze your body into a size 6 if your a size 10/12. Really…You’ll just look/feel like a sausage.
3. Please turn around. It is so important to turn around and look and your butt. If your underwear are showing….you probably shouldnt wear it. Often times people just don’t turn around. We know you only see the front in the mirror..but the whole world see’s your behind when you are walking…so be mindful.
4. It’s okay to show a little leg. Okay, it’s okay to show a little leg. The rule with scandelous pieces is only one at a time. If you wear a Short skirt..Please…..dont wear a tube top or spaghetti strap shirt and vica versa.
5. Sometimes simplie is better. I am the queen of over doing it. But sometimes it’s okay to just wear jeans and a white tee and some ballet flats. Don’t feel like you constantly have to out-do yourself when it comes to your own personal style.
6. Try, Try Again. Okay, so if you arent LOVING your look….mix it up. Maybe add a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Maybe you need to remove something. Maybe you need to add a jacket/cardi. Maybe you need a belt. Dont give up on an outfit…Sometimes our choices just need a little extra stylin’ love.
7. Be Yourself. Don’t try to be someone your not, but don’t be afraid to get inspiration from people you know and magazines…But it is so important not to lose yourself in the process.
8. Remember: Your an Example. Please be aware that people are looking at you. I’m not saying this to make you self concious, but the quickest way to change the world is to be the change. Not to get all Barack on anyone..But it’s like please…if you want to be an example to young people or if you want to be an example to those people around you….you have to actually be the example..You cant just say it but you must actually live it.
9. Modest is Hottest! Always go for modesty versus sexy. See the definition if your confused!

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