Project Runway Season Six Episode 1

Last night on Lifetime Project Runway debuted it’s 6th Season. I wasn’t very thrilled when the show decided to part ways with Bravo…i really thought it was downhill from there, but last night was pretty exceptional.

A mini re-cap:
Ever since Christian Siriano won..i have been hard pressed to find a designer that can even compare to him. They brought back the all best of the best designers (minus Christian because they knew hands down that he would blow everyone else out of the water of course).
Daniel won the 100,000 challenge with his Sporty/Chic Mini Collection. It was fabulous. I loved the black and blue combo’s. Caito swore she should have won, but honestly…i don’t enjoy her style. I dont like the way she cuts her dresses and i don’t enjoy the lengths she chooses. The judges really love her though, and they have more clout then i do..

Season 6:
First of all…lets just say wow. Some of these people were really out there. Ari for example with her Space Cadet dress for the red carpet..Honestly..i dont even think Lady Gaga would go there..

Carols Version..unimpressive..what was the deal with those ridiculous folds.

Christopher: The WINNER! I really LOVED his sketch when i first saw it..he modified it a bit…and i wished it would have been a tad would have been much more young and fresh. It was just a bit too long. But he is the underdog in the competition. He never went to fashion school/interned for any big designers…and it may also be a weakness…he doesn’t really know fashion terminology..and that could really hurt him.

Epperson: I really like his dress…But i am still in summer mode…and it really inspires me for the fall. It wasn’t my favorite though.

Gordana: I really enjoyed her Vibrant Oragami style cocktail number! So fresh and cute. I could definitely see a cute young celeb rockin’ this dress.

Irina: I dont know about this one…i like the concept with the creme lace with the black bow…but…i dont know..i didnt like the way it was executed.

Johnny: oh my goodness….soooooo cute! I agree with the judges that the red was a bit harsh..but wow..its adorable. I wished it would have been black. I would rock this! So Fierce!

Logan: Not so much.

Louise: I really loved the way it fell..but the ruffle was a little overdone. But man..i loved it!

Malvin: Okay…Organic or what? I HATE THIS. It looks so Cheap…i can’t imagine any Star wearing this on the red carpet…

Mitchell: Oh..poor Mitchell..i dont know why he thought i was going to be a good idea to smock a dress for the red carpet…but he did it…and it was a huge disaster..The joke of a dress he sent down the runway actually looked better than his original smocked disaster…Creme fade to blue…lets just never go there again Mitchell.

Nicholas: was just okay. nothing that wow’d me.

Qristil: Mardi Gras Mumbo. Really. Far from high fashion. it wasn’t even executed well. Like MK looks crooked in the front.

Ra’mon: okay..Heidi loved it. I thought it looked bulky. I wish it would have been chiffon. It would have looked much more stunning!

Shirin: I loved this from the front/back when the cape was up..but once it went down..not so much! But it was cute!


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