I hate Payday.

Payday for most people is a good thing..for the lovely people in HR Its a nightmare. It has been so busy! I finally have time to breath and i thought i would write.

Last night i was so tired. I fell asleep at 9 o clock last night. I didnt even get to watch the Rachel Zoe project premiere…which was a little saddening, but i could barely keep these brown eyes open.My big VP is coming in this week. I am really excited to meet her. We are all going to eat dinner tomorrow night which is rather exciting.

Just a little fashion excitement for you today. Maybe a more appropriate title for this blog would be ‘Studs and Suede’

Steven Madden has come out with these ridiculous suede pumps for fall..They come in electric blue or this pink/plum color. They are fabulous. I would have purchased them, but they were all out of size 10s in the country at Macy’s. Be sure and check them out.

Aldo has some lovely suede pumps/booties from 70-90 dollars. A little pricy but they are HOT HOT HOT!

If you havent invested in anything suede yet for this fall you must. But the flat bottom boots from last season don’t count. It must have a heel…and it must be a funky color. Charlotte Russe has some really cute knee boots with a 2 inch heel in Fuschia. I reccommend these if you are on a budget, but if you have 90 dollars burning a whole in your pocket i would check out the Electric Blue peep Toe pumps at Aldo. Or the Steve Madden Pumps.

Another investment that you need to make is:

Any item with studs or fringe! There are so many fabulous booties with studs out there. There are also some fabulous bags with fringe/studs as well. I will keep you posted on the findings.
Until Next Time keep it Fierce and Fabulous


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