Project Runway Season Six Episode 2

This weeks episode was definitely a twist for fashion designers.
The Challenge: Design Fashionable Pregnancy Clothes for Rebecca Romein

All i can say is wow.
I was totally unimpressed by this week’s designs. They were mediocre. But lets review. I understand that its difficult for designers to step out of what they are used to, but really? There are so many fabulous options for Pregnant woman out there that are high fashion.

I thought the judges did an incredible job of narrowing down the good and bad. The people that were safe..i had chosen as such…as for designs that were fabulous… there were only 3.

Althea: She was on the the TOP 3 Designs. I wasn’t really sure how well it was going to turn out when i looked at it, but even i would wear this dress. It was fabulous. Beautifully constructed, and like the judges said the color combo’s were amazing!

Carol: Okay…Mistake is all i have to say. The draping was awful, the color combo looked so cheap. I don’t know any celebrity mom that would want to rock this dress.

Christopher: It was okay. I liked the One Shoulder, but the leggings?? Really come on..I wish he would have done something different for the pant..or just made it a dress. The leggings made it look inexpensive, but i really liked the color/style.

Epperson’s: WHAT THE HECK??? It was like a weird Kimono. Who would wear this…? Really..? HE should have been in the bottom….he’s lucky other people’s designs were worse.

Gordana: Very cute! Very Now! But Safe…

Irina: Same situation..that color combo..just’s cute, but really..bright turquoise…i don’t get it. I didn’t like it at all. But she was safe.

Johnny: i think he should have been in the bottom. It was way too long. Rebecca is a hot mamma! Why not Design something to show off the looked outdated.

Logan: It was nothing special..a white tee shirt over some leggings really..?? Unacceptable..He was safe.

Louise’s: This was actually my pick to win! She got runner up…It was sooooo fabulous!!! She hand died the silk…i really think Rebecca wanted her to win..but her vote is not the only one that counts…It was beautiful. The judges complained that it looked like lingerie, but i just thought it was stunning.

Malvin: THE LOSER. Yea..his hold mother hen and her egg concept was very very weird..and it just was so ugly..i can’t imagine a single woman in America wanting to wear this. Someone on the PR BLOG said this look was ‘Urban and chic’ really..?? I think not..It’s very out there.

Mitchell: I hated this…I liked the Cardigan and the shirt..but the shorts..disaster..i LOVED The boots 🙂 I own them!

Nicholas: it was very cute and safe..I can’t imagine wanting to wear that pregnant, but it was cute.

Qristyl: I didn’t like was too long..i liked the idea of it, but the dress was also outdated and way way too long.

Ra’mon: He’s lucky he wasn’t eliminated. If it was for the club..this dress would have been totally didn’t fit the scenario…it was hideous

Shirin: last but not least! THE WINNER! She did an awesome job…the construction was impeccable..very wearable..and chic!!


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