Learning to Grieve

All i have to say as far as yesterdays service at Shoreline is concerned is: WOW.
It was amazing to the transparency and realness of our Pastors Rob and Laura.

After losing their son and Pastor Rob losing his father 2 weeks prior, they were faced with the gripping reality of grief that we all have to face at one time or another.
They spoke some really amazing truths and were just very real about the pain that they are feeling. It was so good to hear them be true and honest with the people they pastor. They talked about how to properly deal with grief you have to face it.

I definitely struggle with this. I rather enjoy getting busy and distracted instead of properly grieving. I hung on to every word they spoke..knowing that it will teach me how to deal with the loss of my friend Tammy. She was like a sister to me. She has an incredible sister, but i consider her to be my sister. I don’t think i properly dealt with her death. Life was too busy. I just kind of tried to push it down, but my heart is still so tender to her loss. I have lost a couple of my really close girlfriends since i was 18, and it just sucks. Honestly. It is just one of the hardest things we can do, but instead of running from it we must face it.

They also shared amazing stories about the realness of God’s overwhelming peace and presence during this difficult time. It’s quite wonderful to hear about it. God always shows up. His love NEVER fails. I love that about him. He is so magnificent..so powerful…and yet..so mindful of us..it blows my mind.

I hope this encourages anyone who is going through a loss. God will show up when you call on his name in the most unexpected ways.


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