Things don’t always go according to plan-so get over it

I am learning in life that things hardly EVER turn out the way you had hoped/expected.
I remember thinking about an event(s)/thing i was hoping or waiting for as a my birthday party…or a school pep rally…or whatever it was…and the way i had envisioned the event hardly ever turned out the way i had hoped. So annoying right?
I think its God’s sweet little way of reminding us that we aren’t in control, but he is. Sometimes things turned out…and they were greater than my wildest expectation…other times-not so much.
This happened last night. Amanda so graciously offered to come over and make cake balls for my cousins baby shower…i had this great idea…we would do all these fun colors…and dye the chocolate to dip them in…etc. yea. did not happen at all. we ended up having to do them all white..which is fine. They will still taste delicious, but in that moment i just felt so hopeless. I felt like there was more going on in my heart than the dye not working….it was like these feelings of insecurity totally crept up on me…and made me feel inadequate like i would never be a good mom because everytime i try to do something it never turns out right…or i would never be able to better myself. Ridiculous right? But these are the irrational thoughts that sometimes overpower the female mind.

I know that they are not true at all.

Everything turned out just fine. Not the way i expected of course….but its okay. Who says they have to?
The cake balls/chocolate covered Peanut Butter Ritz…are all white…i will post pictures later of them cookies and my new vintage vases that i picked up for goodwill!!!

Cheers to Clear-Christ-Centered Minds


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