My New Loves

Hi Loves,
It has been a while! I have been so busy with things around the house. Important things like merchandising the closet(I believe the closet needs to be appealing…it helps you from getting the compulsive urge to buy too many clothes…)…..organizing some new crystal my mom hooked me up with and lots of obsessive cleaning. I have OCD tendencies.

Any who, I am really looking forward to summer. The saddest thing for me about being a grown up is that there is no summer break. You work ALL YEAR ROUND. It’s completely nuts. But anyways, I am looking forward to it, because:
1.I wont be pasty and white anymore

2.Back to school shopping spree (I know I am not in school anymore, but everyone needs to spruce up their school supplies stash/wardrobe for the approach to fall.

4.Lots of Singing at the Fellowship

5. Looking forward to getting in shape using my Wii Fit Plus. HOLLA

These are only a few of the many things i have to be thankful for.
I have a few exciting things to show you! I made this amazing one-shoulder shirt with rosette accents. AMAZING. I really love it, and it was so super easy to do!

I also got these AMAZING Vivienne Westwood Jellies…SOOOO IN LOVE…

Fancy Lady


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