Exciting Weekend Ahead

Tonight on the Agenda:
Cheesecake Factory
Lakeline Mall
Wii Fit

Wii Fit might i add is hilarious. I am completely horrible at it. I will have to post a video of me trying to do the Hula Hoop or the Step Aerobics. I look completely ridiculous, but it is really fun.

Cook Out/Play day with my FAVORITE AUSTIN BABIES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!
I can NOT wait. I am so Thrilled. I haven’t seen them in almost a month and i completey miss them! I got Ty these amazing Cars Dominoes. So Cute. Instead of the black dots, they are marked with the Cars Characters. Too Cute.

Sing and then fall out from exhaustion.
Maybe Laundry. (Doubtful but maybe)

Anyways…i am looking forward to the weekend..it is quite hot here in the ATX, but i am dealing with it.

What are your plans?



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