Esau Kind of Love-MySpace Post from 2/27/2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

So lately i’ve been reading Genesis. It’s really interesting. A lot of strange happenings…a lot of really old men kickin’ it on the earth..and a lot of drama.

some of you may know the story…but i’ll put it in my words. (this should be fun)

So..basically Esau and Jacob are born…Jacob was 2nd Esau was to inherit the birth right from Isaac (his really old father).

From the beginning Jacob was second…so being the second child…he found ways to deceive his brother. He made him give up his birthright for a bowl of soup.

Are you kidding me? your whole birthright for a bowl of soup?
But Jacob got Esau to agree.

Then…on top of that…in his old age..Isaac was going to bless Esau since he was his firstborn. He sent him out into the field to kill an animal cook it and bring it back to him (isaac).

meanwhile, Rebecca (Isaacs wife..Jacob and E’s mom)…tells Jacob because she wants him to be blessed.

So she covers him with animal fur on his arm..(esau was apparently laser hair removal back then)…and she prepares the feast that he will feed to Isaac.

Isaac falls for Jacob’s trick..and is blessed…how amazing. Poor Esau..Kicked down again…

eventually jacob goes away..God promises to bless him..(i know…God is so gracious to jacob…even admist all of his deception..but his lineage is very important. (wiki it..its very detailed) =)

So…Jacob is gone for YEARS…Esau is still at home…doing his thing…tending to his animals.

Jacob works for YEARS for his wife Rachel..and he actually gets 2…Rachel and her sister Leah.

But that is beside the point..

So, Jacob is very blessed. Laban gives him an abundance of animals and people to assist him. Jacob decides he wants to go back home.

He sends some men from his camp to go and tell Esau.
The man reports back that Esau said he is coming to meet Jacob with 400 men.

Jacob is so afraid. He’s thinking his brother wants to battle with him, and he is totally unprepared.

So…he seperates his camp into 3 sections.. i believe.

He sends the first section ahead to bring Esau lots of cattle and other livestock as a gift…Jacob see’s Esau in the distance and begins to bow to him. Because he just wants to go to him with a posture of humility since he thinks he is going to die.

Esau runs to Jacob and embraces him.

Can you imagine what is going through both of their minds?

Jacob is probably sighing a breath of relief,and Esau is just so thrilled to have his brother back. Even through all the things his brother did to him…he still loved him…not just a little love..he loved him extravagantly..he welcomed him with open arms..

I just pray that God would do that in me. Would help me to love this way. I think all of us have the ability to love people this way..but when we try to do it on our own..we always fall short. It takes God’s strength..his Spirit…

Not by power..not by strength..but by my holy spirit.


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