The Napa

Ever since i moved into our new home AKA NAPA, all i can think about is buying stuff for the house.

Prior to home ownership, my mind was focused on things like Louis Vuitton, but NOW, all my brain can focus on is the house.

Our house is called Napa, because Napa is the name of the model that we live in. Their are several different Models in our neighborhood, and all of them are really cute, but we liked the flow of Napa best!

Ryan will tell you that at first, i did not like “The Napa” which may be true, but after looking at all of the other models, i am obsessed!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that have helped Spruce Napa up!

The Ung Grill Frame from IKEA

The FILLSTA Pendant Lamp (SO CUTE–Crazy to put together, but CUTE)

The KRISTALLER Chandelier (Note: I AM OBSESSED, they are in almost every room–even in the closet)

Z Gallerie Midnight Wall Sconce (In Black)

Z Gallerie Midnight Candelabra in White

Z Gallerie Bling Votive Cup

I would describe my style as vintage/chic. I like funky pieces of furniture, but i like touches of fancy here and there as well.

How would you desribe your personal home style? What are your favorite spots to shop for decor?

I will post pics soon of these pieces in action in our home! But for now, i will let your mind wonder.

Thankful it’s Friday


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