Busy Week Ahead

Fiance is traveling this week, so i always book my time up with things to do so i dont get too lonely without him!

I have fabulous girlfriends, and so any time that i get to spend with them, i just SOAK UP! I truly am so blessed.

Monday Night
Cooking dinner for Ry and helping him get ready for his trip.

Tuesday Night
My lovely Friends Stacy McVane (Check out her website by clicking on her name) is coming over for dinner and girl talk! She is a wonderful lady to know. She is also going to perform out marriage ceremony in November. (More to come on that in the near future) We are thrilled to have her in our lives!

Wednesday Night

I will most likely go and spend time with my favorite TX babies. Ty, Ben, and Mack & of Course their mommy and daddy. Here is a picture i snagged from my iPhone with all 4 of us crammed in 🙂 They are ADORABLE. i ❤ them so much.

Thursday Night
My friend Rachel is coming over for dinner. (I told you i was really working on my domestication skills…i am cooking two nights this week for friends)

Fiance back in town YAY!!!!!!! Relax from a week of working and busy-ness

I am going to be one busy little bee while R is out of town, but i dont mind so much!

I hope you fancies have a very blessed week filled with love and joy!




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