No trying on hats, Por Favor.

This weekend was really GREAT!

Fiance Beyone and i went on a little date night Friday night. We ate dinner @ Casa Garcia’s, one of my favorite little Mexican Spots, and then We saw Transformers 3 in 3D!

Saturday Morning came REALLY early. We were meeting 2 of our fab friends J and V for a little Road Trip to San Antonio. Ryan bought us Season Tickets to Fiesta Texas, and got some tickets for J and V. We know them from our church, OneChapel, and they are just really wonderful so we were super pumped that we got to spend some one-on-one time with them!

Ryan wanted to leave at 7:30, but thankfully he and V were able to come to a compromise of 8:30. We met at the “Family Room” AKA Houffice AKA the church office, loaded up our ice chest with yummy snacks and lunches, and headed out to San Antonio.

We had a blast. We rode ALMOST all the rides. I got sick on almost everyone 😦 NOT FUN, but i continued to torture myself. We also enjoyed the water park. Ryan screamed on everything…even the water rides. It was SO FUNNY. I wanted to scream, but i was too busy laughing at Ryan.

Once we had enough of making ourselves sick we headed to Market Square, DT San Antonio. One of my fav. places Mi Tierra (Yes–We had Mexican Food 2 days in a row)

We walked around the shops and looked at all the amazing things!! We walk in one market, and i see these crazy tall sombreros. I HAD to try it on. J reaches up, and puts one on my head, and i am like “Ryan take a picture of me.” Right about the time Ryan is getting the camera ready, the owner of the shop accost me and takes a sign that was hanging on the hats and flips it around to the english side..Here is a photo account of what happened next:

Amy Having a Good Time:

Man Shows Amy the Sign (That says Please do not try on hats or take pictures with them):

Woops…I totally missed. Lets just say, I DID not try on any more hats. But they were SO pretty.

All in all it was a great weekend. It ended with a little Singing at The Fellowship RR, and a family BBQ at the Napa. Our newest Sunday Tradition.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!




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