Girl Talk! Girl Talk!

Last night was GREAT!

My lady love, Stacy Mac, came over and we had a blast!!

I cooked this Amazing, Baked Pasta Dish for her. You can check it out here. I had never tried it before….i didn’t have a small enough baking dish, so i just baked it in a bunt pan. 🙂 So, it was cute and delicious. Stacy Mac said it was good–And she does NOT lie.

After we ate, we just sat on the back porch of Napa and talked and talked and talked! H and M showed up for our slumber party, and they hung out upstairs and watch TV until Stac left!

I so enjoying spending time with Stacy because she is one of those girlfriends that just tells you what is up. She speaks the truth into your life, and encourages you to always be better. I am blessed to have a girlfriend like her!

Cheers to life-long, life giving girl friends!



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