Monday Fun Day.

Back in the office today!

R and I had a GREAT weekend.

Friday night we had a Twilight Marathon. We watched all 3 Twilight Movies back to back. R is Team Jacob 🙂

Saturday R had to be a delegate for a state thing, so he was gone all day. I went all around town. I found a dining room table (Picture to come soon), a Ninja Blender (It Rocks), and the cutest little elephant salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1.

I love Pier 1. So adorable.

I also picked up my wedding dress which i LOVE. MP came with me to my initial fitting, and then we ran around to some really cute stores in Austin.

Immediately following my pick-up, i had an alteration appointment. The seamstress is so sweet and knowledgeable. I loved her. I am looking forward to working with her. She is keeping my dress, and i have 3 more fittings before my Bridals with Adrian G in October!

I love love love my wedding dress. I also found bridal jewels today for myself and my sweet bridesmaids! I cant wait until we are all getting ready on our wedding day! its going to be a great day!!

Anyways loves, i hope you all had a nice weekend and are having an even better week. I have tons of adventures planned for this week starting with tonight..My sweet friend MP is coming over tonight for semi-homemade pizza! Cant wait to spend some time with her!




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