Gathering @ the table

The above pictured is R and I’s new table! It is quite lovely. I was on the hunt this weekend, because we have been eating in the most awkward places. We desperately needed something so when people come over they dont have to stand up in the kitchen to eat, or sit on the couch.

I found this table at Hobby Lobby of all places. It was super inexpensive, and i love it! It looks fancy even though it did not cost a lot of money!

I love thinking about all of the meals we will have at the table, all of the different faces that will sit at the table and share laughs, conversation, and delicious cuisine.

R’s parents were the first “guest” to eat at our new table on Sunday night. We have family night every Sunday night where they come over and we grill and talk and watch movies. This Sunday we all went to to see “Jumping the Broom.” It is a T.D. Jakes movie. It was actually really good.

MP was the first non-family person to share in a meal at the table. I loved having her over. She is such a sweet person and a great friend!

I dont know why i feel that the table is such a sacred place.

God’s word tells me in Psalms that he prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. And he will make my cup to overflow.

I love that even when harm tries to come to me, it isnt able to, because God will take that harm and turn it into a good thing.

I love God’s test, even though i dont understand them. I love how he calls me to endure even when i dont understand why.

I hope that you are allowing God to prepare a table for you in the midst of troubles. Rest in him knowing that he IS preparing a table of blessing and good for you, he will annoint you, and your cup will overflow. (Even if it seems empty and dry @ this moment.)



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