Muff’s and Marg’s

Last night i attempted to make these Emeril Lagasse Muffulettas. I couldnt find all of the ingredients while i was grocery shopping, but i found this pre-made olive mix that could be used for them. So i just picked that right up.

I followed Emeril’s instructions, i just put the pre-made olive mix on mine instead of the homemade mix he suggest!

They were DELICIOUS. Even H and her friend M liked them! They were over for a sleepover.

Here is R’s mom, H, and M enjoying delicious frozen bev’s and the muff’s. No i did not give my underage sister in law a margarita) MP brought over this delicious pomogranite punch, so we just threw it in the ninja with some ice and make them virgin drinks! They really enjoyed them:

After dinner, i made brownies–Once they were done, we ran over the to store to get duck tape for the girls to make wallets with.
Here are the girls dilligently focused on their wallet making:

I am not cooking tonight because i have too many leftovers from cooking so much! So i will go to the gym instead!

So thankful it is hump day! The weekend is almost here!



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