Thoughts on Project Runway Season 9 & the genesis of a simple D.I.Y.

So last night i did not get to actually watch the premier of PR Season 9. I will watch it this weekend, but i did view the online gallery of designs that were featured on last nights episode, and i was not WOW’d.

Nothing really impressed me about any of the designs. I cant pick one single design that i would wear. I dont think i would wear any of them. Hopefully they were just nervous and we will see some improvement as the season progresses.

To Rate the Runway click here.

Now for the birth of a new D.I.Y i am attempting!
I went shopping last weekend at World Market and i found these:

The link to purchase these jars is here.

They range in price from $5.98-$9.98. When i saw them it looked simple enough to make, so i decided i would try it myself.

I bought Valspar Chalkboard paint at Lowes:

I purchsed jars similiar to the ones at World Market at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. (Hint–Everything goes on sale at Hobby Lobby. If something is not on sale, just wait until the next week because it will be on sale.)

I also bought this green painters tape at Hobby Lobby:

Here is the beginning of my project:

I put tape onto the jars in a rectangular fashion. I liked the rectangular version better then the circular version. I had only added one coat when i
took the picture, and last night i added another coat. I will show you the finished product once it is finished!

I am SO looking forward to the weekend. I dont know what we have planned, but i am sure whatever it is will be wonderful!



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