Austin Wedding Shower

This weekend my cousin Robin threw me the nicest shower. She is one busy lady, but still made time to throw me the shower. It was super special.

A family friend, Anita, also helped out. I just felt so blessed. Anita made the most amazing cake. It matched the invite perfectly, and it even had an “A” on it. I loved it!

So many wonderful family/friends showed up to shower me with love, and amazing gifts for the mister and I’s home.

My mom and my Aunt drove in from Louisiana to come, and that was special as well. It’s not often that they get to come.

My BFF, Alicia, also came in for the shower, and helped out by writing down all the gifts and who gave it to me, and my sweet sister in law, packaged them all up so nicely after i opened them.

I was thrilled to have all my out of town visitors present.

When we got home from the shower, Ryan re-opened all the gifts, shower style. As if he was having his own shower. He was hilarious. He shreeked as he opened each gift. i Loved watching him open them.

He really brightens my days. I am so blessed to have a handsome, funny, life-giving fiance/future hubby to share life with. He is wonderful!

Here are some pictures from the shower!




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