3 Months in Counting


Todays post is dedicated to you.

3 Months from today we will be individually getting ready for our wedding.
At 4:30, i will walk down the aisle and give myself to you fully forever.I will officially be Mrs. R, and i am thrilled.

I love you because…

You love Jesus.
You love serving Him.
You love worshipping Him.
You play the piano–Really Well.
You make everything funny.
You love people.
You make everything an adventure.
You compliment me.
You love all the same ridiculous reality tv shows that i love.
You know how to make me laugh when i am upset.
You think you are a “MCC.”
You always see people you know, everywhere we go.
You are smart.
You are so stylish.
You encourage me to be the best me i can be.
You hold my purse without question.
You let me put a birthday prince crown and sing happy birthday to you, all by myself.

The truth is fiance, i just love everythign about you. I promise that i will always have a spirit of appreciation when it comes to you. Even on days when i dont feel like it, and i have to depend on God to help me to love because sometimes life/marriage is just hard, and that is a fact. I know that only through Jesus can we have the fulfilled lives and marriage that we desire. You fiance are the most precious gift that the Lord has blessed me with aside from knowing Him. I cant wait for 11.12.11. I cant wait to walk toward you and give myself to you. You have my heart, forever and ever.

I love you always

Now for all of my readers (All 3 of you..HA)…here are some pictures of fiance from my iphone:



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