Human Trafficking–A Global Tragedy.

Today’s post is simply a link to the “A Small Snippet of Our Life” Blog. LeAnna from A Small Snippet, recently went to Costa Rica and she shared about a life changing experience she has here:


Heart Breaking & Life changing to say the least.

I read post like that, and i want to do something more. I feel so helpless sometimes when i hear about tragedy’s like these, but i know this: That God hears my prayers, and that He will redeem all that is lost, all that is broken. He alone has the power to take innocence that has been stolen and restore it. And that is my prayer for the women that are involved in these types of situations.

I also pray for the men that have the insatiable need for self-satisfaction. That God would change their hearts and allow them to see women for who they are: precious treasures. Creations of the King, the Most High God, who deserve to be respected and not abused. Whose worth can’t be purchased and whose sexuality is sacred.

Please join me in praying for women and girls all over the world who are exploited.

Jesus, heal our world. We need you.




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