Why Settle for less?

This weekend Fiance and i went shopping.

We walked into Nordstroms because the door was open, but they werent open yet. It was totally VIP. We loved it. Here we are alone in Nordstroms. Literally, the workers were bustling around, going to team meetings, and R and I were just shopping all alone. Here we are:

Here are some of our other photos from the weekend:

Me in the car:

R Holding All the Bags:

R & I @ Church:

R & I also test drove Fiats. They are ADORABLE little cars:

I love how in life everything is a lesson. God uses the most unique things to teach you about him, and about his spirit.

We were simply test driving cars. We in no way, shape, or form intended on making a commitment to buy a car or anything like that. But you know car dealerships, UGH. They want a commitment. They want you to leave there having said you will buy one of their cars. I may treat clothes shopping in this manner, but car shopping is a little bit different.

We felt really pressured. They kept asking us if they would give us a good deal on Ryans car, would we make a commitment today, etc. It was NUTS.

THEN they called the manager in to come talk to us. The manager. Really. I was like Oh MY GOODNESS. Why is she here?

Well this manager comes in and says, “so i hear you really like the black car with the red convertible.”


Okay, well what’s your second choice?

SECOND OF ALL: SECOND CHOICE? Umm..there is no second choice.

I got really, real with this lady. I looked her straight in the eyes, and i said, You need to know something, i am not a settler. I Dont settle. If you dont have the kind of car i want, i will just wait until it comes in. I am a lady who gets what i want, and i dont settle for less than that.

I am pretty sure she was in shock. I think they thought that R & I were just “young” people who could be coerced into settling/possibly even walking away saying we would be buying a car from them in X # of days. And i found it quite abrasive. It’s not like they were rude people by any means, just pushy, and that is the most annoying thing to me.

Okay enough venting. The point of this is to say that you shouldnt settle. In anything in life.

If you are settling because they dont have what you want, and you just want it right now and you cant wait until they get the one you want in, why cant you wait? Do you really NEED the item right now? Or could you just wait?

If you are settling because you can’t afford the one you really want..why cant you just wait until you can afford it?

I think in all things God promises good things to those who wait. We have become a right now generation, myself fully included in that grouping, but i feel like we as a people need to learn to wait.

I can promise you–The best things in life, are worth waiting for! Dont settle! YOU ARE WORTH WAITING FOR!

Is. 40:31
Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.



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