I am already an auntie to my three, soon to be four, Texas babies! But now i am going to be a a real aunt to my older brother (Cousin, but whatever, i claim him as a brother).

My 2 cousins are more like brothers. We are VERY close in age. all within one year of each other, and our moms made a major effort to make sure we were best friends. Growing up we were for sure best friends and so i love getting good news!!!

It started off with just the three of us:

Then slowly but surely we all found the best friends God intended for us.

D and R got married first:
(I dont have any pics from their wedding on my phone but here we are)

Then B and LB:
You can check out their blog by clicking HERE.

Their wedding was also featured on MTV’s True Life so you can watch it here:


I am the third one getting married in November! YAY! And i will get to see them all then! YES!!

Now that i have introduced you to my family, let me tell you the good news!!!

D his wife R are expecting!!! They texted me on Saturday to tell me the good news, and i was out shopping with Fiance. i totally screamed in the store and made a scene..not really, but i did scream. I was super thrilled!

I hate that we all live so far away from one another, but it just makes getting to see each other much more special!

here is the first picture of the baby:

It amazes me!!!!! You can already see all of the features and it is SO TINY! An absolute miracle if you ask me!! I cant wait to meet him/her!!
Congrats to D and R!! I cant wait to meet this little sweet pea!!!



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