AFW: DUO & Weekend Forecast

Last night, me and a couple of girlfriends went to an event at Duo on 2nd St. in Austin. It was a lot of fun! I think i had more fun just hanging out and chatting with N and A than the event itself.

After the event we headed over to The W Hotel for some appetizers and drinks. It was such a nice evening!

I NEVER go out on the week nights. I am a big time maw-maw. I love to go to bed early, and just go home after work and chill. Most nights after work i am so exhauseted! But This week i have been out almost every night due to fashion week. I have really enjoyed it, but am ready to get back to my “normal” and stay home and cook, etc. with fiance.

This weekend should be pretty exciting as well for Fiance and I:

Tonight i am going with my friend Stacy McVane to an event, and then Saturday we have a birthday party for our sweet friends Rachel’s little girl, Z. And R’s grandmaw and her twin sisters birthday party is tomorrow as well!!

Sunday, Christine Cain, from Hillsong will be at our church, and then we have a retirement party in San Antonio!

Hope you lovelies have a GREAT weekend!




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