Marquee Party Rentals

Can i just say, i was less than thrilled about picking out linens for our wedding.

I dont know why. I being a fancy lady and all. It was just something i was not excited about. I tried to avoid it, but after trying to pick out napkin colors from an online website proved to be unsuccessful. So K. Catter convinced me to meet her at Marquee. Can i just say WOW. It was incredible. The show room was expansive and had EVERYTHING. Every color napkin, table scarves (who knew tables needed scarves), table cloths, chairs, plates, tea-pots, silverware. You name it, they have it.

I was very impressed.

They also have HOT PINK delivery trucks. SO FUN. Like, it makes me excited just to think that my wedding supplies will be delivered in hot pink trucks.

They are doing the tent, lighting, linens…EVERYTHING for our wedding. It should be pretty stunning.

I felt fancy just being in their office. I wanted to work there. Everything was so clean and modern. I liked it a lot.

So if you are in the market for some table scarves or need help with event rentals, i highly recommend Marquee.



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