AFW: Neiman Marcus Fashion Show

Last Friday Night, my fav. gal pal, Stacy McVane and I headed over to the Neiman Marcus Fashion Show. Kristin Catter, my wedding planner, also came. She is from Your Wedding Your Way, but we have become great friends and i absolutely love her! The show was FABULOUS and it was so great to spend some time with good friends!

The show featured 3 Collections-Lady Chic, Leather and Lace, and Color Blocking.

I personally LOVED the Color Blocking. The bold colors that will be available this fall will def. be a ray of sunshine. The Furs are also fabulous!

Stacy and i were even asked to be interviewed by the Austin CW Star, Mandy Dugan. It was a lot of fun! As soon as i have the video of our interview i will post it.

Check out our interview here: (They asked us a few questions, but only showed 1)

Neiman Marcus Fall Trend Event:

Here are some photos from the night @ Neiman Marcus:

After the show at Neiman we headed over to MadeWell for their event. It was so gorgeous. I used to spend a LOT of time at MadeWell when i had my styling business so i became really close with the manager. She is so super sweet! We really enjoyed the event. Here we are at Madewell:

We also went to this interior design store, Attellier 1105. They had the cutest dogs in the store. Stacy got this great picture of me and one of dogs. I LOVED them!!

After the show was over, Stacy & I headed over to meet Fiance, and his hilarious, friend Chris Guillory at this cute little outdoor venue for some drinks and fun times. Here we are:

All in all, AFW was a sucess. I really enjoyed it. I told fiance that next year i want VIP Passes so i can attend all of the shows!! We will see what happens.




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