16 Again

When i am with my friend Amber, i am 16 again, EVERY TIME.

We act completely ridiculous. We are both “grown” with jobs and responsibilities, but it doesnt matter, we are in High School again every time we are together.

Last night we went to this cute little hipster spot in East Austin called East Side Showroom. It was fancy and so i of course was still hungry after we left.

They had an icecream sandwich, it was okay, but we surely had a good time taking pictures with it:

We headed in a cab (See our picture Below) to the Hilton Garden Inn Roof Top Bar in downtown Austin.

Her friends condo is connected to the Hilton, so we went over there first to check on his dog. (She is dog sitting)

When we walked in, i saw a cactus in a dinosaur, and i told her i needed it, and she gave it to me. His name is chief, and we are pretty much in love. He is a big deal.

All in All it was a great night!

More pictures of course:

Ambie–This is for you:

I hope all you lovelies have a great weekend, and i hope you have a friend in your life that makes you feel young and that you can be goofy with. Everyone needs someone like that.



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