Life according to Twitter

Hi Lovelies,

It has been one hectic/busy/fun week!

This past weekend we went to San Antonio and had an absolute blast. The weather was gorgeous, especially at night, and the mexican food was plentiful.

My parents are coming into town this weekend and i am so thrilled. My Dad is going to go get fitted for his Tux, and then take me to Sams Club 🙂

I LOVE going to Sam’s Club with my Dad. He hooks it up! It has been over a year since i bought laundry detergent.

On another note:

My blow dryer now only blows cold air. I dont know why. I have had this blow dryer for a LONG time so i think its time to say good bye. I am also scared it is going to blow up while i am blow drying my hair.

Iphone Pic Update:

Here is a mirror pic we took at Six Flags:

R & I took a trip to his oral surgeon yesterday. Here he is in the DR’s Chair. He got a new haircut too! Isnt it cute?!

This week i also threw my cuzzy a “baby shower”, Girls Night Out Themed, to celebrate the upcoming birth of her 4th baby boy! It was a super fun night @ Cheesecake Factory:

Here is Panchie heading to shop in style with sister-in-law and me:

Hope you have had an enjoyable week! I cant wait to share with you about our upcoming weekend! Lots of good things ahead!



PS–Wedding = 65 Days Away

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