Super Secret

Several weeks ago my friend Lindey’s husband contacted me about throwing her a “Super Secret” 30th surprise birthday party. Fiance & I were beyond thrilled!! I immediately started brainstorming menu/decor ideas!

I decided that i would do easy to grab, yummy snacks.

On the Menu:

Mini Kicked up New Orleans Muffalatas. (Recipe here)
Pasta Salad (Recipe Here)
Confetti Cake Cupcakes (Pillsbury)
Pappa’s Pico (Made by Fiance–It is seriously, the most yummy Pico EVER)
Fruit/Veggie Tray
Mini BBQ Sauce/Pepper Jelly Cocktail Dogs
Homemade Spinach Dip (Recipe from my sister-in-law, Rachel.)

Drinks Included:
White Whine
Whipped Cream Vodka with Rootbeer
An a wide assortment of other mixers

The Sangria was a big hit. You can find the recipe here. )Instead of Gin, i put Triple Sec.)

Here are all of the pictures from the event! My mom and i made tissue paper poms. I also made a homemade birthday banner, “L” Cups, and felt flags banner. I used this amazing Circus Font that i downloaded for free. It was a super cute and fun font. Fiance even set up this cute little outdoor seating area! Towards the end of the night it was so cool outside, everyone really enjoyed being outdoors and hanging out!

Lindsey’s Husband got her this AMAZING MARC New York Leather Jacket. It was so gorgeous and she freaked out! She loved it.

The super secret party was a big success! Happy 30th lady!




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