Wedding Planning so far, and random iPhone Photos

Hi Loves,

So far, my wedding planning has been so stress free. I cant event begin to express to you how blessed i am.  (In more ways than i can even count)

I have only had 1 breakdown so far (just keeping it real), but it was completely unrelated to the wedding. It was more related to stress from work, and just life in general. Getting married & getting a house were 2 major life adjustments that i needed to process through, and just with how busy my life is, I had not had time to fully contemplate and reflect on the changes that were going on. I feel bad even complaining about anything in my life, because i know i have it REALLY well, and for that i am so thankful, but i think i just needed a good break down. The downside of the breakdown was that my mom and aunt were here, and they probably bore the brunt of it, but thankfully they are godly, wise women who knew just what i was going through. And were able to provide me with some practical advice. (Even though i say i don’t want advice, most of the time, its good. The Bible even says that wise men take counsel…and so i need to learn how to accept advice and counsel from good sources.)

Anyways, enough information on my breakdown.

Kristin, my wedding planner from Your Wedding Your Way Austin, came over last night, and went over  some of the details of the wedding. We got these really neat rhinestone “R’s” that will go on all of the mini flower pots that we picked up at the 99 Cents store that will be potted with succulents for our guest to take home as a keepsake. So, project “Bling the mini flower pot” is in full effect @Napa. I am so excited about this keepsake because it is something that is easy to keep alive, and every time people look at it, they will be reminded about the love that fiance and i have for one another, about the wedding, and also be reminded to pray for us as we journey through life as one.

Our planning experience so far has been AMAZING. Kristin is so cool, and easy to work with. We have really grown to love her and she has become a friend.

R & Kristin planning away last night:

The wedding is so close, and we could not be more excited. It is only 1 day, but just getting to announce to the world (Even though they clearly already know how madly in love we are) that we love one another and are choosing to do this life together is so thrilling and exciting! I am so thankful we are able to share this day with so many people we love.

Life is so good and i feel so blessed.

I am so thankful it is Thursday! One day closer to the weekend! I may try working on some Fall-time crafty-ness this weekend! We shall see.

And now for the Random iPhone pictures from this week:

New Mascara:

Sister in Law and Panchie: 

Missoni Platter i found last night:

New Cosmetics: 

Picked over Missoni: 

Bling R Pots (still a work in progress) : 

Close up of the R Pots: 

New Sam Edelmen Pumps: 

Mother in Law 2 be & Me on Sunday: 

Thankful tomorrow is Friday! 


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