Weekend Recap

This weekend was beyond great!

Friday night, Fiance & I started our first “couples small group,” and we love it! We met some really nice people, and also some old friends of R, new friends to me,  are in the class as well. We enjoyed our first session and are looking forward to the next time we gather together. The class is structured really differently than any other small group i have ever been to. We are watching a DVD Series called “Dream Marriage.” The 2nd week of each class, is date night for you and your spouse/fiance (2 of the couples are engaged (i.e.e Fiance & I and our friends Elliot and Danielle) and the rest are married).  The third week is a group date night and then we come back together to watch another portion of the DVD. So far, so good. It was fun to meet some new people, and we are really looking forward to building relationships with church friends.

On the way to Bible study, R saved a turtle on the side of the road. I do have video footage on my iPhone, but i cant load it on my computer. As soon as i can, i will post it. I was laughing SO hard. I cant wait for you to see the video. In the end, the turtle was saved. PTL.
Saturday i spent most of the day shopping with sister-in-law, and mother-in-law, and it was THE BEST! It was such a great day. I had a dress fitting, my second one, and i lost weight (YAY!!!). MIL came with me, and so did H. After the dress fitting, we were so close to the mall that we decided to hit it up. It proved to be a successful trip. H got the most adorable homecoming dress, and some cute little Vans. She is so fun to shop for/with because she is so gorgeous and looks ADORABLE in everything she wears!!!

We then headed over to Hobby Lobby because H needed Mum making materials, and MIL & I needed items to make Fall Wreathes.

I will upload pics of all this later because my iPhone freaked out since it has over 2000 photos on it. Dont judge me. 

Sunday we started out pre-marriage classes. We are doing a study, created by the church, but they also gave us the book “Preparing for Marriage” to go through. R & I started on the book last night, and it was such a good time. We talked for hours and it was so great to share about our experiences and our family history.

We were supposed to go and hang out with our friends MP & Chris, but unforunately, we didnt get out of church until 2:30 and i kind of got a migraine because we waited so long to eat. I had my migraine until about 9 o’clock last night, and then i was wound up.

I started decorating the house for Halloween. I cant wait to show you. It’s super cute!! Sparkely pumpkins galore!! Get ready for a bling’in October.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!

I hope you have a blessed week!




One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Danielle says:

    Hey Fancy Lady,
    Thanks for mentioning me in your post and adding a link to my blog. You are too sweet! Elliott and I have had so much fun getting to know you guys and hanging out in the Engaged Couples Class & Small Group! Can't wait to hang out some more 🙂


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