Being sick and other ramblings.

–Fiance said that i should change the font on my blog to make it more “reader friendly.” I have decided to accept that feedback and change it. So without further hesitation, i present to you…my new font.

-I made a few other changes as well. You can follow me on twitter now, and actually see my most recent twitter updates on my blog. I love that! I love tweeting!

-I hope you enjoy the changes. ❤

-Being sick is not fun.

-I have been sick ALL week. Believe it or not. I went to the women’s event at church on Monday night and Tuesday morning, i woke up with the worst sore throat (Sore not Soar..i actually think i put “Soar Throat” on Facebook. I was sick. I am blaming it on that). I stayed home from work on Tuesday, and part of the morning on Wednesday, but managed to force myself to come into work.

-Wednesday night R & I had a tasting at DNA Events with Dagars Catering. We actually LOVED it, and have decided to change the catering from our wedding to Dagars instead of Pok-e-jo’s. We are also saving money, which we love. The tasting was AMAZING. They just kept feeding us and feeding us and it was a lot of fun. Kristin from Your Wedding, Your Way Austin came with us, and Stephanie, the owner, was actually there too with another couple that are clients of theirs.

-My sweet little baby sister-in-law to be (Actually, tall, gorgeous, grown up sister-in-law to be)  had her homecoming this week. I mentioned that we made Mums in an earlier post, but i couldn’t reveal her mum because we didn’t want anyone to steal our idea (All 2 of my readers). It was my first ever Mum making experience and i thoroughly enjoyed it! We made her this really neat basketball mum that we kept top secret! Here it is:

-Yes, Justin Bieber is on the Mum. It wouldn’t be right without Justin.

-We did not have Mums in Louisiana. This is a TX thing so when we were in Hobby Lobby,  i was of course making friends with all the High School girls trying to get the scoop on what was “cool” in Mum-World. And they were like, “Oh, if you’ve never done it, I suggest you buy the pre-made one. Don’t try making  it on your own.” I sure showed them didn’t I? “Pre-Made Mum?” I don’t think so ladies. I was cool once. We got the idea to make H the basketball Mum from a Mum making book, but i did not have any instructions, only a picture that i took while at Hobby Lobby. I think for my first Mum making experience, i did okay. I was very pleased, and so was H. She said her mum was the talk of the School!

-Thursday night was the homecoming game. R couldn’t go because he is playing Piano at a wedding this weekend and had to practice, so i just went with his Mom and Dad. We had a such a great time! I even made us bling basketball pins with the extra ribbon we had! (Next year…we are getting mums!!)

-This weekend, I plan on laying low since I have been sick all week. R & I are definitely going on a date night, since that is part of our couples small group requirement (You don’t have to tell us twice). We will most likely have friends over as well this weekend to just hang out, but really, we don’t have any major plans set in stone.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!



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