Reese Witherspoon for Marie Claire: October 2011

I love fashion magazines.

I generally like flipping through them and looking at the pictures; rarely do I read the articles (Sad to admit, but it is true).

Here lately, I have actually been taking time to read the articles.

Vogue did an issue with Michelle Williams who spoke about losing Heath Ledger, and it was a beautiful article. I think Michelle Williams is an interesting person. It is hard for me not to picture her as a scandalous teenager on Dawson’s Creek, but she is definitely not at all. I encourage you to check out that article! (Click on the link above to read the article)

Reese Witherspoon was interviewed in the October Marie Claire (You can read it here), and she discussed some issues I think are very important.

In the article, she talks about how you can barely turn on the TV without seeing sexual images and how devastating this is. So many women don’t have a choice. They are forced everyday to give up their innocence, their dignity; their childhood in some cases, and yet we glamorize being “sexual.” Literally, everything is sexual: vacuum cleaners (there is NOTHING sexy about vacuuming), toothpaste, and deodorant.

I found the article really thought provoking and challenging.

Like Reese said, “I am not throwing stones,” but I hope that I am inspiring you to think twice about what you allow your daughters and sons to be exposed to. I hope that we become more aware of what we are allowing ourselves to be exposed to. I don’t think you have to live under a rock, or out of touch with society or anything extreme, but be more aware that you are putting better things in our lives than garbage. I hope that my generation becomes one that teaches our children to treasure their bodies, and sexuality. Sadly, I don’t feel like we are going in that direction. I pray for hearts to be awakened and parents, students, young women, old women, young men, and old men recognize when something is sacred and to protect it.

Very little is left sacred this day and age; innocence is rarely protected.

May our legacy break the curse of exploitation.



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