In case you didn’t know, we got the sweetest,cutest, little puppy ever!!

(He is probably one of the reasons for my long absence, which i do apologize for. I have been EXTREMELY busy with only 3 weeks until the wedding and trying to ensure that Beauxregard doesn’t relieve himself inside Napa.)

He is 4 Ibs. of pure sweetness.

He loves to:
 rub in the grass
Sleep under the covers (Most Chihuahuas do)
Follow me and Ryan everywhere
Go to church
Sit on the top ledge of my stairs and chew his bone
Chew on the corners of things–Which is he NOT allowed to do. He is getting better at listening.
Wear his sweaters so he doesnt get cold.
Fetch a ball my mom gave him

He is absolutely sweet. We are really blessed to have such a great first dog. Today we are going to the Domain for “Dog-Tober.” Beauxregard is going as a Bumble Bee. Totally Bananas. He is so cute.
You can follow him on twitter @beauxregardxoxo!!



P.S. i can’t promise consistent posting over the next few weeks, but once the wedding is over, you will definitely be hearing a lot from me. I have SO much to catch you up on!!


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