Dogtober Fest 2011

Since we adopted our recent addition to the family, Beauxregard, we thought it appropriate to attend DogTober Fest in Austin. Check out the website here. It is a lot of fun and for a really great cause. 
There were SO many dogs there. Big ones, small ones, nice ones, snappy ones. It was a plethora of canines. Beauxregard went as a bumblebee. He DID NOT like his antenna’s, but wore the shirt. 
Here is is as we were walking out: 
Ry & Beauxregard at the Domain: 

We ran into Wonder Woman so we had to say hello (Beaux is a huge fan): 

Another photo opp with WW: 

Here is Beaux, with his Uncle Panchie (Panchie went as a football): 

And here is our little family: 

It was a really fun day and Beaux did really well on his leash! He didn’t even bark at any of the dogs which was quite an accomplishment for a little man like him.
If you live in Austin, you should definitely rescue a pet, and also support wonderful organizations that take care of these animals! 


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