K-Mart and Pizza

Last weekend, the family headed to Killeen, TX to go to Old Chicago Pizza. The pizza is to die. SO YUMMY. I actually just had leftovers tonight. The roadtrip was a ton of fun.

We also journeyed to the middle of nowhere to hit up K-Mart because we don’t have one here. Why K-Mart you ask? Have you seen the commercials for the new Sofia Vergara collection? Some of the pieces looked absolutely adorable so i needed to check it out for myself. My mother-in-law and I had been talking about it and so Saturday was the perfect time for a weekend get-a-way.

I ended up getting a couple of things from the collection. Check it out:

And this super cute lace back dress (I got it in all black):
Hanny and I also had a lot of fun with the hats, and we both ended up getting these little beauties: 

Ry  & I : 

And of course the beloved Pizza (1/2 way gone): 
The wedding is only 18 days away & we are super excited!!!! I miss you loves and can’t wait to be in full blogging mode again soon!

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