2011–You were an INCREDIBLE year.

It’s been far too long since I have updated the blog! Life has been a whirlwind, and minus one minor freak out–it’s been a pretty grand whirlwind!

Ryan had Orthagnathic surgery early in December, ad it was quite the experience. I dont know if any of you have ever had to stay over night in the hospital or care for someone in a hospital, but for me, this was a first. I was SHOCKED to say the least. We had to share a room with another patient, an older man who broke all of his ribs, and there was NO WHERE for me to sleep. Night 1 i slept in a chair on the side of Ryan’s bed, and it was completely TERRIBLE. Night 2, my father-in-law found this amazing chair that converted into a little bed and i slept there. I slept SO hard that Ryan couldnt even wake me up in the middle of the night when he needed me (whoops).

Needless to say, i survived and i feel like a total grown-up. I was really freaked out the first night and may have even cried a little, but night 2 i pulled it together. Here are some photos from the hospital. None of Ryan’s face. It was pretty sad, but he looks SO GOOD now. His mouth is still rubber-banded shut, and he has a plastic splint, but he is doing great!!


NetFlix & the iPad were our BFFs

Found this cute Sock Monkey for Ry while he slept. ❤ Him

Here are some Christmas Pics. We had the best first Christmas @ Napa. We had a Tacky Sweater Party/White Elephant Party that was REALLY fun. We were surrounded by all of our friends and it was the most incredible party! We really loved it. 
Christmas Eve=Eve we spent with my parents and Ryan’s Parents and our good friend Stacy McVane. We all drank hot cocoa and snuggled. It was a lot of fun!! Christmas Eve was spent making a gingerbread house and watching A Christmas Story, one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, and Christmas day, Ryans cousins came over, and we all had a great day playing games and laughing. 

Christmas in Photos: 

Ry & I pre-Surgery at Out Back SteakHouse

Starbucks Run Post Surgery 🙂 (Doesnt he look great?)

Hanny with her Gingerbread Cookies

Beaux in his new Martha Stewart for PetSmart Sweater

Sparkley Christmas Decor

Another shot in his new Sweater!! SO CUTE. 

All the presents lay under the tree…

Christmas Eve Gumbo. Thanks to my mom! 

Making our Gingerbread house

The finished product

Ryans Christmas Watch

My Christmas Watch

Hanny got a NextBook & a Watch (And tons of other stuff—This was just Christmas Eve)

Beaux–Very sleepy and his grampy.

My mom reading us The Cajun Night Before Christmas

Ryan and his man box. Thanks to his mom 🙂

Soph and her Chanel No. 5

The crew at Napa

Ryan and his tool belt. Very Profess.

Memorable Moments of 2011
-Amy got a promotion
-Ryan graduated from St. Edwards University
-Ryan got a training job at the State
-We got married 🙂 YEA!!! 
-We had our 1st Thanksgiving as Husband and Wife
-Ryan had oral surgery
-We had our 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife
Looking forward to 2012. I know its going to be a great year. Thinking about my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Post to come soon. 


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