Sorry for the delay in writing this post.
Ry & I rang in the New Year with some friends and it was the best EVER.
It was our first NYE as husband and wife. it was low-key but a lot of fun. I have done the whole downtown Austin thing for New Years and although it was fun, it is SUPER expensive, and just not worth it if you ask  me. Hanging out with our friends at their house was SO much better.
We met a ton of new people and had a blast. We toasted, we laughed, and we kissed. It was a really great evening. Check out our outfits! We really love fashion, if you didn’t know. I wore sequin leggings (Forever 21), Silk Tunic (Zara), Shoes (Steve Madden). Ry Wore Pink Sweater, & White Pants (Both from Zara).  

My New Years Resolutions:
1.       Give up Sweet n Low
2.       Read a book every month
3.       Blog More
4.       Get HR Certified (Hopefully my company will pay for it—say a little prayer)
5.       Go to Alaska to see my sister (Check out her blog here.)
6.       Paint Napa
7.       Save more than I spend (Trying to get on the Dave Ramsey Plan)
8.       Possibly adopt another Chihuahua (Beauxregard Needs a Brother/Sister)
9.       Start Singing/Leading Worship at our new church
10.   Become more connected to people than technology
I think for now, those are good things to focus on. I am always open to change and have definitely changed a lot in the past year.  I hope that you had a WONDERFUL New Year’s Eve and that you stick to your goals for 2012.

2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. NEW YORK VIXEN says:

    I love it all, I gave up sweet & low for Stevia. You do have a beautiful voice…..USE IT! Reading this just made me realize I didn't have a New Year's Resolution………back to the drawing board. LOL! All the best!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post. I think everyone should post up their new years resolutions, they will be more likely to follow through. Don't ya think? Great outfits you guys! BTW I met someone pretty special and can't wait to introduce you 🙂

    Chris G.


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