I get the feeling that sometimes people look at me and think, wow, she has it all together. I am not at all trying to be prideful in any way, but i know that is how i view others at times, and so i think it is only natural for people to think this way.

Well, if you are one of my dear friends or accquaintances who may think that, let me just tell you, you’ve got it all wrong.

This morning for example, i snoozed twice, woke up and hurried to get ready, rushed out of the door, spilled coffee ALL OVER my pants and beautiful white shirt, & started crying in the car because i spilled coffee all over myself.

Today was one of those days where i wished i could just turn the car around, go home, and get back in bed, wallowing in my sorrow. I did not want to face the world today, but i had no choice. I have to be a lady. I have to walk into my office, with a smile on my face, and face each problem with dignity.

Although i may not have it all together, which clearly, i dont, i am so thankful that i serve a beautiful, wonderful, loving, Saviour who see’s my coffee stained outfit as pure white. I am so thankful that i don’t have to have it all together, that God lets me be a hot mess, and loves me no matter what.

So i encourage you, before you look at others and think, wow, they really have it all together. Sit back and realize that you can’t judge the soul, and that you can’t see that persons insecurities & fears. Try to see people with eyes of grace and dont be so quick to judge.

Praying that this season, you realize just how deep, wide, and high the love of Chris is for you. You are SO precious to him! Don’t doubt that for one second!




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