I am going to be an Auntie Again…and other life updates

Well, my fabulous sister-in-law has just announced via her blog, The Williams Word, that she and my brother, Brett, are expecting!

When they called me to make the big announcement, i was so excited but was told not to tweet about it which was so hard!!!! They are both such sweet hearts and i know that they are going to be great parents!

My other brother, Dustin, and his wife, Rachel, just had their baby, Noah Charles, and he is SO adorable!! He was born on March 1st, and i can not wait to see him!!

This past few weeks have been so busy for the MR. and I. Weddings, yard work, and the normal course of life is just an adventure lately!

Ry’s birthday is in a few weeks and we are having  a party so we are trying to get everything ready for that. I see all these cute party ides on pinterest and just want to do it all!! I hope that it will be as fabulous in person as it is in my mind!!

I also invite you to check out Created Woman! Its a blog devoted to helping women become who they want to be! They have great articles on Fashon, Nutrition, and so many other topics!

Hopefully I will find more time to blog! I really miss talking to you guys!!

What topics or questions are you curious about? I would love to hear from you (All 3 of you <3)




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