Weekend Recap

Husband anI had a great weekend! We spent it with Friends on Friday Night at the Round Rock Express Season Opener! We sat on  the grassy knoll and it was a gorgeous night! The tempature was perfect and the company was 1st Class! We really love spending time with our friends, they are all such wonderful people.
Saturday Morning, Ry and our neighbor, Brett, had coffee on the front porch and talked. It was so cute. HA i love our neighbors, they are the most kind, generous people ever. Brett is always willing to help Ryan with whatever yard project he has going on, and his sweet wife, Amber is always so kind and offering to help me with anything! They have true servant hearts and it really is a blessing to call them friends!  
After i got my day going on saturday, Ryan’s Mom & i hit the road to prep for his upcoming 29th Birthday Celebration! I cant wait to show you pics from the night! It should be a really unique/fun experience! 

Husband & I @ RR Express Game

Brett & Ry (Saturday AM Coffee Talk)
Ryan’s parents took Beauxregard on Sunday for us and took he and Panchie to take pictures in the TX Wildflowers. Beauxregard is such a cutie and he loves being with his Uncle Panchie.
Beauxregard & Panchie amongst the wildflowers
Meanwhile, Ry is at home with Brett and his Dad doing Operation Yard Crasher! It was CRAZY. I come home to see this:

But when all was said and Done, it was BEAUTIFUL! Ryan really loves landscaping, and with the help of Brett, and his Dad, and our lovely Tiller (Provided by my Dad), the above, turned into the below:

That night we enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather on our back porch! I put up some new lights that i found in my sisters garage and we just relaxed all together on the back porch! The weather was absolutely perfect.

Gorgeous Austin Night–Instagram view of our porch lights and the night sky
Sunday, Ry & I lead worship at our church and then headed to lunch to meet up with Kristin & Ben! You probably remember me mentioning Kristin a few times. She planned our incredible wedding and has truly become one of my best friends! Ryan & I just love her and her boyfriend, Ben.   
Kristin Catter & I @ Lunch on Sunday

Brett, our neighbor, & Ry enjoying morning Coffee Talk

Ry & i after church @ Lunch with friends!
All in All, it was a great weekend! Now on to a busy week.


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