Austin Get Ready for Brad Brad & LC

I am not sure if you have heard, but Brad Goreski, from The Rachel Zoe Project  & Brad Brad World will be in Austin on Thursday night signing his new book Born to Be Brad.

WhoSayPhotoEmbed.create({vanityRoot: “”, clientName: “Brad Goreski”, vanityLink: “”, photoId: “”, title: “Hey Austin!! Come see me on April 19th for a book signing at Brooks brothers in the Scarbrough building from 5 to 7pm!”, width: “467”, height: “644” })

Brad Goreski on WhoSay

Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach & The Hills will also be in Austin on Thursday Night at Book People, signing her new book The Fame Game.

I am a little bummed because you can’t even get a picture with LC, and for a die hard Hills fan like myself, this is just tragic.

So if you live in Austin and are a reality TV Fan, Thursday night is your night! Make sure if you want to attend LC’s signing that you get a wristband at Book People Thursday! They open at 9 AM.




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