The boy who signs his name with a bow tie.

I am sure you are all dying to see my pictures from the meet & greet with Brad, but unfortunately, i can not find the chord to my camera. I have ordered a replacement chord which should be here soon, so i promise as soon as i have it, i will post tons of pics!

I figured in the meantime though, i could provide you with a little snapshot of how it went!

Yesterday around 4:15ish, Ry & i arrived at the downtown Austin Brooks Brothers. I snagged a picture of the display window.

We walked in and were told to just wait around because Brad, and Arthur Wayne, Vice President of Global PR for BB would be arriving around 5. Erin from Austin Tidbits & i had already connected via email and so i texted her and let her know what i was wearing (Obnoxious silk floral pants and a bright yellow shirt–Who could miss me?). As soon as she arrived, we instantly hit it off. She was a super doll and it turns out that she knows several people that Ry & I know (Such a small world.).

Book People arrived to set up their Brad Brad book table, and people started getting antsy. Erin & i jumped in line to buy our books before the situation for too out of hand. At this point, we weren’t really sure if we would even get to meet him because no one was really saying anything to us, and then through the door, walks Brad in the most adorable plaid suit & bow tie. His pants were tight rolled at the bottom and he had the most outrageous shoes on.  With him is, Arthur Wayne in a pair of green shorts, oxfords, and a navy blazer with a brightly colored, plaid tie. They said hello to us as soon as they walked in, and then Erin & i walked over to introduce ourselves to Arthur.

Arthur has been with BB for 6 years and he lives in New York but has been traveling with Brad for all his appearances. He immediately got Erin and i a glass of wine and had all the cocktail serves come right over to see if we wanted anything. They served Mini Burgers, popcorn in cupcake wrappers, & Brad Themed Cookies (i.e. Bow Ties, and Thick Black Framed Glasses). 

After we had a drink, it was time to meet Brad. Arthur walked us around to the front display window where there were these gorgeous leather chairs, and we walked right up to Brad and introduced ourselves. I wasn’t sure if Ryan was going to get to come back with me, but he was a big hit with Arthur, so of course, he was allowed. He just took pictures for Erin & I, but Brad met him as well. I told Brad what huge fans we were of his show,and how much i loved Gary.
We just chit chatted like old friends, it was very comfortable talking to him. I asked him about who was taking care of his clients and he began to tell me about all of their upcoming appearances, Jessica is in Japan, Demi has something coming up..etc. It was so exciting to hear. He explained that he has 2 assistants who kind of are in person with the client, but he speaks to them via phone, and of course they send him pictures and he tweaks things until it is perfection. He misses Gary a lot of course, and plans on making a quick pit-stop back home to see Gary for a day. He has been traveling this whole month so he is definitely homesick.
Erin asked him if his house was on fire what 2 things from his closet would be grab, and he said his Swarovski Crystal encrusted high tops (Pictured Below), and his Tom Ford jewelry box.
I really enjoyed meeting him. He was such a super doll. At the end of the meet & greet he signed out books with his pink sharpie marker & we hugged good bye!
Arthur, Ryan, Erin & I kept talking for a while and then we hugged him good bye as well and lef the event.
I cant wait to share all my Brad Brad Photos with you! As soon as Erin post her version of the story, i will link it here for you to read!


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