My Fit – 21 Day Challenge

I am not sure if you have heard of “My Fit Foods.” It originated here in the great state of Texas. They have locations in Arizona, Texas, California, and Idaho. You can read the story of how My Fit got its start here.

Before we went to Houston, Allison (Read her blog) informed me that she and Jim were doing the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge.  Allison and Jim are 2 of the biggest foodies that Ryan & i know. They always dine and drink at the finest establishments, so the 21 day challenge has been VERY challenging for them, but they both have lost so much weight already!

Inspired by Allison and Jim’s successes, Ry & I have decided to start the My Fit 21 Day Challenge on May 1st. We are going this afternoon for our free consultation. We will keep you posted on our weight loss and what our favorite dishes are.

Ry & I are pretty healthy already. We have some opportunities, but for the most part, we eat reasonably. Giving up sweet n low and diet coke have been 2 of the best things for my health, and i am so glad that i let those things go. They were holding me back, and i am truly convinced that none of that is good for you.

Crystal Light came out with these new Energy Enhancing Drink Mixers, and of course, i had to try it. Last Friday, i drank 2 packets in my water, and i was absolutely bouncing off of the wall, and then later in the afternoon, i felt terrible. I looked at the ingredients, and aspartame was one of the main ingredients. Ever since getting on natural sweeteners, i can not drink anything with aspartame. If i do, I immediately feel disgusting.

I am looking forward to becoming more health savy/conscious.

Here’s to health!



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