Ryan’s 29th Birthday

Husbands birthday was this weekend and so i decided to throw him a beer tasting party.

***Disclaimer: We do believe that the Bible is very clear when it comes to alcohol and that everything in moderation is acceptable. We also do not condone drunk driving. 

I chose 12 different beers for everyone to taste and we had tons of bar food!! I also chose to do a Fiesta theme because nothing is better than Fiesta decor! It is so much fun!! I hope you enjoy the pics. Husband had a really great night and we enjoyed celebrating with our friends and family!

Yummy Food!! 

Homemade Donkey Cake! 

Voting Station

Kitchen 🙂 

Beer Tasting Table! 

Drink Mixing Station

Ry & I before the party!! 

Slyvia & Raymond


Elliot got Ryan a unicorn button. HAHA it was amazing. 

Yes, we had a pinata

Amber, Me, Kristin, and Danielle! So blessed to have gorgeous friends.

Enjoying the tasting! 
Ryan is the best husband ever and so throwing this party for him was so much fun!!! 

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