Hey everyone! It’s me, Beauxregard and….

I am a little brother!

Yep, my mommy and daddy adopted a big brother for me. His name is Liam and he is 4 years old! He is a little tinier than me too!

I am still a little unsure about him, but i am getting used to the idea. I know that my mommy and daddy still love me! They even took Liam & Me for a walk at Brushy Creek Park! It is one of my favorite places. My Grampy Ralphie came too and brought Uncle Panchie along to meet Liam! We all got along and had a nice walk! 
Brushy Creek
Panchie, Liam, and Me! 


Mommy & Liam & Daddy & Me
Mommy, Liam, Me, & Daddy! 
I cant wait for you all to meet my brother Liam. He is pretty cute (But not as cute as me). 
Dont forget to follow me on twitter for all the latest updates on mine & Liam’s adventures! 


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