Li Li Update

Most of you know that on April 29th, Ryans Birthday, we adopted another little chihuahua named Liam. He is really such a doll and we love him very much already.

Having 2 chihuahua’s in the house has definitely been an adjustment not only for Beauxregard but for Ryan & I as well.

Liam is MUCH different than Beauxregard. If you know Beaux-E, he is SO loving, he LOVES everyone, and will go up to new people in a heart beat.

Liam is a lot more reserved. I like to use the word Cautious when describing him. His rehabilitation, as Cesar Milan would call it, has been going very well. When we first got him he would not play with Beaux or Panchie, and really just stuck to himself. Now, he is much more happy go lucky and enjoys playing with toys.

One of the things both dogs do now is run away when we try to pick them up. They REFUSE to come to us which is so frustrating, but we are working through it.

We know that God really wanted us to have Liam. When i went to adopt him on the 27th, another lady had already adopted him, and there were 3 more people in front of me that wanted him. The man from the Animal Shelter said he called me out of all of those people when the original lady couldnt keep him, because he just knew that he would really be loved with me and Ryan.

He even remembered Beauxregard (Formally known as Tad). Ryan adopted Beauxregard from him in October of last year.

If you have any chihuahua tips or advise, please feel free to leave a comment! Continue to pray for little Liams rehabilitation. We don’t know what he has been through, but we just know that he was supposed to be our dog as well as Beauxregard. We love them both so much!!


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