Dog Trauma

Most of you who follow me on twitter or FB know that Liam was injured last WWednesday night. Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog because i have been dealing with serious doggy trauma.

Thursday morning i was at work and Ryan called me and said that Liam’s eye was pretty swollen and shut and he thought he had an infection. He tried to make an appointment at our normal vet, Zoot, but they couldnt see Liam until 4:00.

I was like, oh no no no, that isn’t going to work! So, we contacted Forest Creek Animal Hospital, and they were able to get us in pretty quickly. I rushed out of my office and ran over to pick up Liam and take him to the vet.

The vet checked his eye and showed me how deep the cut was and i was IN SHOCK. A cut?! i couldn’t believe it. He then took him to the back and when he came back in, he told me that we needed to have a “serious conversation.” My heart just DROPPED. He explained that the cut in Liam’s eye was very deep and it was concerning to him. He said that the worst case scenario is that he loses his eye and i just broke down crying. We have only owned this dog for 2 weeks and already he may lose his eye. I was devastated.

He explained to me the cost of everything and i lost it even more. I was just thinking there is NO way we can spend that amount of money on a dog, but he is also so precious to us and we want to take care of him the best we can.

He assured me that we would start on the antibiotics right away and that he would need the medicine every 4 hours. I freaked out again. How am i going to care for this dog while working full time?

I called Ryan in hysterics and he said that he would take off of work to care for Liam. I was so grateful.
I took Liam home immediately and then left for work. It broke my heart to leave him, but i knew Ryan would be home very soon!

Thursday was a hectic day. Not only is Liam going through this serious eye issue, but my parents are also coming into town.

I arrived home after work around 4:45 and Ryan is there with Liam and my Mom and Dad.

I had a killer headache from crying so much. We all went to sleep and i woke up on Friday and just did not feel well at all. I decided to stay home with Liam.

The vet wanted to see him again the next day, so my mom took Liam and I to the vet again. The doctor was already pleased with the amount of progress the eye had made in only one day, but was still very concerned about the depth of the divot in the eye. She prescribed him some sedatives to help us with giving him the medicine because he was kind of out of control and she also let me borrow their muzzle, after i told her that we couldn’t handle him.

Poor baby was hurting so bad, that he would literally snap out on us when we tried to put the medicine in his eye. I am glad to report that after muzzling and sedation he is much better!

My mom bought him a little thunder jacket and we also found a muzzle just like the vet had. I brought the clinic their muzzle back asap because they were so kind to let us borrow theirs.

Monday my mom took Liam again and the doctor was even more pleased with the progress the eye was making, but the divot was still a little deeper than she would have liked to see. She told my mom that she would call he dog optimologist and get their opinion and call us back.

She called me late on Monday and recommended that we take him in to the eye doctor just to be safe and ensure that we are treating him with the right medicines.

My mom and i are taking him today to the optimologist. We really believe that Jesus is healing him and performing a miracle. My mom is so wonderful and has been praying that God would heal Liam from the inside out, and that i exactly what the doctor said is happening.

Continue to pray for good reports for Liam.

Isn’t it comforting to know that if God cares for a little chihuahua enough to hear a chi mom’s prayers that he cares for you. If you get anything out of this post, just know that you are SO precious to the Lord. He hears ALL of your prayers and answers them.

Here are some pics of the precious pups! There have been lots of snuggles/cuddles happening at Napa over the past few days!

Beaux on his Granny!


Begging for food from my mom.

LiLi & Momma

Sleepy Heads

Getting some shade!

Laying on the cool porch!

My mom showing off Liam’s new thunder shirt! (really works btw)

Precious Liam



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