Last weekend, Ry & i got out of the house for a little date night! Thankfully my mom was at home to keep an eye on Liam. Having an injured dog is like having a little baby.

We met up with our friends Danielle & Elliot AKA Mr. & Mrs. RopescourseGuy on SOCO. SOCO (South Congress) is a really funky/hipster area of Austin and they have TONS of shopping, street food, and the best scenery!

We went to a delicious burger bar called Hop Daddy Burger Bar. I had never been, but it was TO DIE. I ate my entire burger which i normally never do. Ryan & i both got the Buffalo Bill.

The Crew (P.S. The Red Drinks Danielle & I got were SO yummy. It is called SOCO Sweet Tea. You MUST get one if you are in to that sort of thing.)
After dinner, we took a stroll down SOCO and grabbed some Amy’s Ice Cream (Another Austin Must Have). We also stopped at several street vendors. This one had the most gorgeous jewels i have ever seen on the street! I refrained from purchasing, but i LOVED the selection she had.

After we grew tired of walking, we headed over to Book People on 6th Street! They have the most fun games/toys. I had never been inside. We walked around and had a blast. Danielle and I looked at every single picture in the Lady Gaga Book. It was pretty intense.
We love spending time with our friends!
Puppet Time

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