Adventures in Orthodontia..

As most of you know, Ryan had had orthognathic surgery in December of last year. It was a very intense moment in my life, and we had only been married one month.

I learned so much about taking care of someone who is ill and i learned how much strength you can have when you completely rely on Christ for EVERYTHING.

When your best friend’s mouth is wired shut, and they are pretty much helpless and in a lot of pain, you have no choice, but to look to Chris for your strength. It was a really humbling experience for me.

Ryan has been in braces for 2 years and last week they finally came off!!

Check him out:

Doesn’t he look SO amazing!!! Dr. Singh did Ryan’s braces as well as my invisalign (Wear your retainers kids!). She is a total doll and we love her to death!
Ry is SO happy to be done with this chapter of his life, and his teeth and bite are absolute perfection!!
Husband, you were always handsome to me. But i am so glad that you are happy with your bite. You are practically perfect in every way and i love you always.
Love — Your Wife AKA Alligator Woman.

One thought on “Adventures in Orthodontia..

  1. Danielle Bray says:

    A friend of mine had to have open-heart surgery when he and his wife had been married under a year. It can be TERRIFYING for a new spouse to suddenly be caring for their best friend/beloved after surgery. But you obviously did a great job; that smile looks great!


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